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By doing what you love, you inspire and awaken the hearts of others.
— Anonymous

My Story:

Hi everyone!! I am Sienna DelConte, a high school student in Austin, Texas. Before I share my story with y'all , I want to first say how grateful I am for each and everyone of you who supports my art and has taken the time to shop on my website!! I am very thankful!!

For as long as I can remember, I have loved doing art and creating things that bring people joy. From sketching dresses, to decorating the house for every holiday, art in all forms is my passion and my way to relax. When I realized I could actually do something with my talent, I created Sienna.Olivia.Designs!

When making my first art Instagram about four years ago, I focused primarily on cute, girly paintings and designs. Since then, I have expanded my business beyond just paintings, to include stationery, jewelry,  and custom calligraphy.

 With the help of my mom, sister, and the most wonderful people in Fort Worth, I have been able to sell my stationery, jewelry, and art at Three, Brown Bag, Byrd & Bleecker, Bella Retreat, An Artisans' Haven, Art four Soul, a boutique located in Chicago, Beehive, Dear Hannah, Longhorn Fashions, and many more. I have also held pop up shows at Beehive, Brown Bag, Three, and Byrd & Bleecker.

I am so honored and beyond happy to do what I love and have others enjoy it as well. If you are interested in custom stationery, art, or jewelry, please contact me! I would love to do it!

Thank you again for visiting my website!

XOXO Sienna